Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hot Summer Daze

I’m back in the saddle again. Yes, it’s been awhile. It really has been a busy summer. Let’s see, what’s been going on?

I’ve been filling in at the natural food store while my friends take vacation. They keep asking me to come back full-time but I don’t want to be a bookkeeper ever again. I like to help out, but I am an artist and I don’t do well when I have to sit at a desk all day. This just reiterates how grateful I am that my hubby makes enough money to support us so I can work at my craft.

Lee’s friend, Maillo came to visit from PA in May. He’s this amazing 6 foot, gay, bald, black man who wears tied dyed robes. He’s an artist, too. He does homoerotic art and I don’t think he got my stuff at all, but then I didn’t get his either. It’s all ok, though.

Quarry Publications has accepted 5 of my visual journal pages for the new book called “1001 Journal Pages”, due out next year. I also sent in some pics of my “House Divided” altered book for a new book by LK Ludwig. I should hear back from them soon if they are going to use it.
I had 3 paintings in the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts this year and nothing sold. I did price them a bit high but thought that the fat cats over there in rich suburbia might reach into their deep pockets and come up with the scratch but noooooo…..

I had a real come-to-Jesus experience about my weight over the last 2 months and have been trying hard to get more exercise. I’ve been walking every day to and from the store, the library, the post office, the bank and best of all, our gorgeous local park. Although I just might have to kill some people if they DON’T QUIT FEEDING BREAD TO THE DUCKS!!! This is causing a bad case of toxic algae in our pond and driving the ducks away.

I’ve been living with a bad case of TMJ these last few months. I decided to take a whole body approach to try and heal my jaw. I’ve been doing the rounds at my chiropractor, acupuncturist, and the dentist and signing up for some yoga classes to deal with my stress. I have no idea why I should be stressed. My life is pretty damn unexciting and laid back.

We had to re-fi the house to get out from under a line of credit that had an ARM that was spinning out of control. The finance company said we got out just in time. We may see some double digit inflation next year. Thanks, Bushie!

Just got back from seeing Roger Moore’s new film, “Sicko”. This is a must-see if you are concerned at all with your insurance coverage. Oh, and you will be wanting to move to France as soon as possible.

Well, that’s all the news fit to print. I am going to try and stay on top of the blog from now on, but we’ll see how it goes. And threats to steal the horsie out front are NOT going to get you on any mail-art lists!!