Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm back for more

Wow! Has it been a year and a half since i posted? Please excuse me, mon amis. I had a lot of life things come up in the last year and there have been a lot of changes as a result.
I left the Art & Soul family in Oct 2007 with some unresolved emotional fallout which set off a six month bout with my TMJ. Oh, the pain.
I slipped on a wet kitchen floor in March and tore a ligament in my hand. I blame the cat for that one. Silly Louise and her water high jinks.

I left all of my local art groups.

I passed on Art Garage this year.

I finally got to New Orleans in April. A big shout out to my family, ya'll. The city looks beat up but the people are full of hope. Not sure why, since they keep getting dumped on by the government. We were there for the French Qtr Fest which is the best deal ever. Days of free music and lots of yummy regional food to be et up with way lower prices all around than during Jazz Fest.

my sentiments exactly

I took 2 wonderful classes with Stephanie Lee in May where I finally learned how to make a bezel. Yahoo!

I've been purging my studio since February. I moved my metal station out to the garage and sold off a lot of unused assemblage stuff. What a huge relief! I was feeling paralyzed by all the extraneous crap lying around.

Now, look at me. I just got back from Art & Soul and I'm so energized, it's crazy. I've been doing a lot of visual journaling after 3 days with Juliana Coles and I'm working on 2 pieces for the Guardino Gallery's "Day of the Dead Show" that opens on Oct 27.

That brings us up-to-date. I have more, but I'll keep it for another day.