Saturday, November 27, 2010


I felt so defeated after posting my last missive that I had to sit down today and tackle the Etsy monster for good. It wasn't too bad after all. Taking the pictures was the hardest thing, but I think the shop looks good. The pictures are cohesive and fit my style really well. Now I get to sit and fidget, worrying about whether anyone is going to buy anything.
So, to get the ball rolling...tatatata

I did it! I got my Etsy shop open

Friday, November 26, 2010

New Art for the Fall 2010

I've been really busy lately creating lots of jewelry and my "JuJu Jars" for sale. If you see anything on this blog or in my Facebook "My Creations" album that you want to know more about, please contact me at

You may ask, why doesn't she just open an Etsy store? Why indeed? Because the whole affair has been a royal pain. Getting the photos the right size has been a huge challenge. They want one size for the store and one size for the gallery. I think. Oh god, I don't know, I'm so confused.

For right now, I will keep it simple and send any interested parties a Paypal money request.