Wednesday, April 25, 2007

it's all about me

Art Related:
1. I will have 3 pieces in the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts from 6/22/07-6/24/07. I won a blue ribbon here last year. Time to raise those prices!

2. I supposedly have some work in the new Altered Couture Vol. 2 magazine due to hit the stores in May 2007. You should see my altered beret from the Art & Soul 2006 gallery. I used Pere Lachaise Cemetary in Paris for my inspiration, so it's all goth and spiky with chains and a crucifix. oh my.

3. Suz Simanaitis has asked me to write a spotlight column for the summer issue of Artitude Zine. She is spotlighting my visual journal work I did in Juliana Coles class last October. Need to get cracking on this one.

4. "Kaleidoscope" ISBN-10: 1581808798 is #13 on Amazon's Art books list. My work accompanies the Juliana Coles postcard book chapter. If you click on the book on Amazon, you will also see a photograph of my pages. Once I learn how to add links to this blog, it will make it easier to navigate directly to this stuff. Anyone know how to do this?

5. My mail art went out yesterday. Heads up to Paula, Randi and MA.

6. I haven't heard back from Rockport Quarry Books about whether they are going to use my journal pages in their upcoming book "1000 Artist Journal Pages". The picture posted here is one of the pages I sent in.

7. I'm working on a 3-D project where I need to make 12 little 3"x3" houses out of different materials. I am starting with my tried and true, beloved rusted tin cans. I threw about 5 tin cans out in the back yard to start cooking while I chase down some small wooden blocks. 2 of my blocks ended up being 2"x6" so it looks like I may have to go condo on those. I'm going to be nailing vintage lithoed tin can walls to my wooden blocks and putting rusted "corrugated" tin roofs on some of these little darlings. After that, I am imagining houses with rubber walls, duct taped walls, and on and on. Any suggestions for wall material will be highly appreciated...

8. Tania Davenport at Northlight Books has asked me to do my own book. This is a great acknowledgement but I really can't come up with any new fresh ideas for her. I'm a big blank.

House related:
1. We have decided to get rid of our front lawn (if you can call it that, more like a whole lot of sprouty, tufty bits with moss all around them) and replace it with a ground cover. There will be vinca minor all over with it's little purple flowies that match my house perfectly. There will be round concrete stepping stones all over in a random pattern so I will have dots all over my front yard. Yea, dots!

2. I bought my next door neighbors there own horsey to tie up to their horsey ring. They named him Champ. I call him Chump.

I'm leaving the building now. Can you tell I like lists? A bit of the old OCD coming out. Well, that's what you get for hanging out with me.


Mary Ann said...

Pere Lachaise Cemetary. I bought one of those ceramic flower things that they put on top of the graves there at a funeral home across the street. Beautiful. Will send photos of the cemetary so you can see my p.o.v. & also info on how to do LINKS. Am so glad I had something to read this morning while I drink my coffee. You've got a lot brewing up in that head of yours. Fascinating to be sure! A fellow I know is selling his steed and I'm going to pick him up and tie him out front. Cause as Picasso said, "Good artists copy, great artists steal."

Randi said...

Hey Babe! Loved the mail art, thanks!! Soooooo when do you wash your dishes with a list like that? I am a list maker too. In fact when I was a little girl we were not allowed to write out the whole word T-o-i-l-e-t P-a-p-e-r on the grocery list because it was bad manners. We were told to simply put T.P.
Onward and upward list makers! Why don't you write your book on those pez things you have all over the house. Take them out and photograph them all over Portland, add that one to your list.