Saturday, April 21, 2007

mi casa es su casa

One more post about my house before I get to the art...

I love my house. It looks like a bowl of fruit. It makes me smile everytime I drive up to it. It's an old house. It's 101 years old. Funky colors for a funky old house.

The inside feels like me, all retro. I always wanted to live in a novelty store and now I do. How old am I anyway? Old enough to appreciate a good cigar box, the dynamics of Pez containers, the whir of the wheels on a tin toy, and the collective wisdom of owning a whole village of salt & pepper shakers.

My kitchen is retro too. My prize posessions are my Gaffers & Sattler stove and my gorgeous pre-50's fridge with revolving shelves.

Ok, ok enough about the house...yawn.


Mish said...

You have one of the refrigerators with the rotating shelves? Oooooh, I am speechless with envy!

And, in my humble opinion, there can NEVER be too much talk about fabulous old houses! Especially when the house in question is as amazing as yours. :)

Paula McNamee said...

Nik- love your new blog y la casa con muchos colores!

linda woods said...

I LOVE your house! It is the best house, EVER!!! I am so glad I found your blog.