Sunday, April 22, 2007

born in the wrong time

I love the past. My muse is Clio, the muse of history, the one with the laurel wreath and a volume in her hand. I am the one who finds a vintage photo and peers deeply and intently into the fine details, placing myself there and wondering how it felt to live then. I want the story. I have a hard time living in this century. I can't drive anywhere without imagining the town 100 years ago. Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Weege's photographs leave me weak in the knees.

Here is a photo I took downtown during Randi Watt's photojournaling workshop. I added this one to a series of shots of neon signs I'm working on. Just a recording before they're all gone.


janis said...

Yay! Nik in blogland! Your pictures of the house make me homesick (even though it isn't MY house I miss you guys miserably).


steph b said...

Hey you devil, got your blog up and looking good! You've motivated me!
Steph b

Randi said...

Hey Babe-
Great, great photos and I love your choice of colors on the blog and your colored text. Now it makes me want to rethink mine. I also would like to add one more thing about Nik's house that you ALL need to know. She has those old metal ice cube trays in her freezer. Remember the kind that you pull the lever to release the ice and you could never get it to pull? I even have a picture of it. I took it when I was there to show my husband who came home with those metal ice cube trays one day from the auction and thought we could use them. I refused.

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog sweetie; it makes me miss you even more than ever. In my opinion, you were born in exactly the right time--if you were born 100 years earlier you would be missing from our lives! Not acceptable.

Giant hugs from me and the kids.


pamela huntington said...

HI NIki,
welcome to blogland. love the
pictures of your house - it is