Friday, April 20, 2007

look ma, i'm bloggin

Well, here I am, in blogland. Another distraction. See, I should be in the studio. At least, that's what the voice in my head says, my granma's voice. The voice that tells me that life is a struggle, that you must finish your chores before you can play, the voice that says you must sacrifice if you want to go to heaven. Well, there it is then. I am hellbent, for sure.

What I would be doing if i was doing it...

1. Making some mail art for my friends, Randi and Paula.

2. Looking for Chagall pictures for a presentation on color that I am giving in May to my local art group. I went to the library yesterday and every single Chagall book was checked out or the catalog said "this book is unavailable for checkout". wha wha wha??? They must of all been stolen, I guess.

peeve for the day...
my neighbor to the back of me just put in a new water feature and it is so loud that i couldn't hear my birds singing this AM.

praise for the day...
my backyard looks gorgeous. I love, love, love the spring in PDX. Everything is just vibrating with color. It makes me want to cry.

That's it. My first post. I'm going to try and get some pictures up for ya'll so you can see my environs as the weather warms up. I have a new steed tied up out front. Wait 'til you see this.


Anonymous said...

gnik love the blog...hope to see you at my art event on the 28th at Wonderballroom...Luv Tabor

Anonymous said...

Nik...this is one of the most engaging blogs I've read. Great tone, great graphics. I love it.
Congratulations on the hard work and on putting 'it' out there.